Our Approach

ARM has a unique understanding of various modern day's community distinctions. We respect all religious & political inclinations from society which are standing on the common base of Humanity. Every group has it's value because some provide ceiling of rules and some provide pillars of faith to keep the positive atmosphere in the community.

Our Story

ARM's founder recognized some of the most growing issues in the community from last few years and wanted to use his passion to help with his wisdom of Emotional Intel to those suffering in these areas. These issues are: Increase in Depression/Anxiety leading to suicides in the professional world, Increase of Distraction in Youth's mental alignment that's been causing problems like recent school shootings all over, and lastly our seniors who feel helpless or lonely during their or their family's unfortunate health events while coping up with the old age. To fix these problems, he took a 360 degree approach which starts with:

  1. Empowering our Lives spiritually that can guide us to remain peaceful & kind during life's both fortunate & unfortunate events. Our art of living partners support us to gain breathing & calming techniques essential for our physical & mental foundation.
  2. Enhancing our Mental & Physical Health with proper self-care that include healthy diet, moderate exercise, balanced emotions & conscious thinking to stay motivated towards our goals. Our treating health partners support us for any medical, dental, vision, chiropractic, mental or wellness needs.
  3. Uplifting our Economy by providing right resources to the working professionals which include guidance on exploring talents, gaining knowledge, finding jobs, protecting life/health, buying homes, saving for emergencies, smart spending/budgeting, & investing for future. Our financial partners support us for any travel, entertainment, education, commercial, insurance, real-estate, mortgage, banking, taxation & investment advising needs.

Our Core

Hina Sethi

Board Member

She is the Owner, Master Make Up Artist & Medical Aesthetician at the award winning Ambiance Medical & Day Spa in Fishers (est 2012 & won 2017 best facial rank from Indy A list). She has been working in beauty business for more than a Decade. She migrated with Family from India at a very young age, and continued her education in USA. She had attained her Business Degree along with an expertise in Skin Care after her marriage which brought 2 beautiful girls out of it. With the help of her Partner, she is managing the business and working as an aesthetic trainer. She has recently been featured on Wish TV and beautyadvisor.com. She is also a board member of this public nonprofit charity (est 2017) with a mission to help Youth, Professionals & Seniors.

Yogesh Sethi

Founder & President

Yogesh believes that life is a constant learning process, and the knowledge which can improve one's physical, spiritual, financial & mental health is the best gift someone can give. On the same principles he founded a nonprofit global charity in 2017 called “America’s Role Models” which targets Youth, Working Professionals & Senior Adults.
He is a high school graduate from PDPS Delhi, India and completed his Bachelors in Engineering from University of Mumbai, India. Since he got married & migrated to the USA at the age of 23, he has worked as a Medical Imaging Engineer/Technical Leader for MRI, CT & PET scanners at GE Healthcare, as well as earned his MBA to get involved in GE's leadership projects. Recently, he led a Healthcare Technology Team for a company called Althea-US, involving similar Medical Imaging Equipment. Along with his passionate career, he always kept himself indulged as an advisor for accounting & finance in helping his partner running her own business called “Ambiance Medical & Day Spa” in Indiana, USA.
To gain a balance, he always prioritize time for his family & friends. He does enjoy playing Racquetball when free and has a profound interest in writing, speaking, and hosting fun, thought provoking & stress-buster events for youth, professionals & seniors in the community. Currently he is working to leverage both his passion & philanthropic/entrepreneurial spirit as a health professional.

Dr Jas Gidda

Board Member

Jaswant S. Gidda, Ph.D. is President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Anagin, Inc. Dr. Gidda has extensive drug discovery and development experience in big pharma (Eli Lilly & Co) and as an entrepreneur in biotechnology industry. He was part of the original team of Marcadia Biotech and Calibrium LLC and served as Vice President of Research and Development. He joined Naurex, Inc. as VP of R&D before joining Assembly Biosciences as a Consultant. Both Marcadia and Naurex had successful exits (former acquired by Roche and the later by Allergan). Jaswant is co-discoverer and developer of two market drugs (Axid® and Enterg ® ) and has led more than 20 program or project teams through Phase I and II. Jas has sixteen US issued patents (use and composition of matter)

Jaswant was born in Punjab, India and received his Master of Honors and Ph. D. from Panjab University, India and his post- doctoral training in Neuropharmacology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School.

Over the years he has acquired experience in Neuroscience, endocrinology and Gastroenterology. Jas taught at University of Texas and Harvard medical school and has numerous publications in prestigious journals such as PNAS, J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., Journal of Neurophysiology, American Journal of Physiology, Gastroenterology and Nature Chemical Biology.

Jaswant is married to Raj for 41 years, has two children and six grandchildren.

Nigam Arora

Founder, The Arora Report, Ltd.

Uplifting Economy Interview

Lilly Kessler

Founder, Bloominglife Yoga

Empowering Life-Energy Interview

Brooke Lawson

Mental Health Coordinator, HSE Schools

Enhancing Emotional-Wellbeing Interview

Jacqueline Sobotka

Founder, LadyLeader Lifestyle & Metabolism Coach

Enhancing Body-Strength Interview

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An Education Inside Out Uncovered (AEIOU) is set up to talk some darker and secretive subjects that is often neglected in the open society. Specially if someone is suffering mentally will never feel comfortable to speak up, so to break that stigma this unbiased group is created.

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Fishers Community Media & Deals is set up to help local community & businesses to share the important news, events, happenings & offerings within the close network of Fishers and its neighboring cities.

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Business Wall of Indiana is set up to help local businesses & entrepreneurs to share their knowledge & wisdom as useful resources to fellow members, and indulge in a quarterly business networking events called Indianapolis Business Chapter.