Yogesh Sethi, BE, MBA


COVID-19, a global pandemic which brought the whole world to its knees, is probably the biggest surprise of this century or for some once in a lifetime event yet. No doubt, it has shown a trifecta effect not only on our public health & economy, but as well on our life in general. This crisis has caused our national, state and local governments to go above & beyond world-wide and perform in conjunction under enormous pressure to deal with this one of a kind dog and pony show. If public health (our dog) is in question due to this corona virus spread, then the economy (our pony) is not far behind, which is getting impacted every day till this lockdown will be over and all non-essential businesses will re-open and operate normally. The effort from our governments may have some gaps but it is very much appreciated that they have stepped up to work together as one team to provide the best resources for our healthcare system, and pass several stimulus bills to help the public dealing with the stressful lockdown scenarios. This is an unknown territory of fighting with an unknown microbial enemy, which has brought some great unknown civic-system powers out to the public, that may require some patience from the public perspective, but I am positive, it will take us all in the right direction. Nevertheless, this has opened up another remarkable opportunity to see all of us with a unique pair of glasses, where we are being taught by these circumstances that we are unique yet united & equally-connected, the Nature is enjoyable yet very Godly, and the Humanity is giving yet very Religious! The scope is not to discuss how well or bad our actions are towards this health & economic crisis, considering there are several medical & political resources available at this time which can provide all the necessary details & facts needed to monitor the current progress towards this pandemic termination. My idea is to layout the contrast between the Nature & Science, so it can provoke our thoughts on what could have caused this or what can we take away from this once-in-a-lifetime scenario beside concluding to something in the near future while finding a cure for COVID-19.

Was it an accident?

We may think it was just an accident, and we do hope it was an accident rather a result of a systemic failure whose consequences could be worst down the road. Talking about a wild food market in Wuhan, and specifically Bats which is said to be a source of novel-coronaviruses, had been exploited to a point where humans got infected with an unknown pneumonia type symptom, and became so contagious that the whole world started getting sick rapidly. The bats were exploited from years, but why now this had happened to us? Based on the natural accident theory, there was an annular solar eclipse during the month of December 2019 over parts of Asia, and probably contaminated the bats used as food in the Wuhan Market to a point where it would severely infect a human if consumed. Ancient theories suggest that food develops contamination in the absence of solar energy, so it could have been a natural tragic accident. Now what if it was not a natural accident rather a scientific accident inside a Wuhan Lab, where we found some long-lasting research that was being conducted using bats, and the scientists were even using samples imported from US labs. There are lot of names which are associated with this Wuhan lab and its research about creating a synthetic coronavirus, which has altered genomes and cannot easily be treated unless more data is revealed by Wuhan authorities. I hope to see this disease vanishing quickly assuming this accidental virus will either act like an influenza virus which dies naturally around the month of May upon the arrival of summer, or the Wuhan officials start to cooperate in eradicating this scientific mistake by bringing out more light on the treatment without having a greed of vaccinating the entire world.

Was it a revenge?

Interestingly, there were all kinds of motives out there to think if it was a revenge but by who? It could be a nature’s revenge because the way our world has developed a sense of inequality among the same species of humans; the way hatred has taken its place between humans; the way some people are dividing in terms of politics, race, religion, color, cast or gender; the way some people are choosing anger, anxiety & greed over love, peace & grace; the way our societies are becoming more unethical & immoral day by day; it’s evident that nature is now making things right in the harsh way. But considering, how nature is always giving & loving, this crisis can actually be a revenge from a group of people on this planet who want to show their unhappiness derived from some unpleasant transactions such as a trade deal in December 2019 between US & China. The human greed is a failure of human minds, which causes failure of society & the entire system built on it. Without suspecting more on this, I pray for the forgiveness of humans from this Godly nature, with a hope that the bad apples will be removed or learn their lessons timely so nature can become happy again. And if this problem was created as some kind of trade revenge or greed, I truly hope for the truth & justice will soon be served.

What lessons are being taught?

Let’s shift our focus for the time being from a health or financial crisis that this accident or revenge brought to us because either way our scientists/officials are working tirelessly to find the solutions & truth for this pandemic. Let’s think of all the life lessons being taught living in quarantine, lockdown or state of emergency; because that is all in our control at this point, and somewhere deep down we know that compassion is the key to handle all the diseases. A kind individual lead to a better society and a better system overall which is both ethical & moral in its nature. The Nature conveyed its message that our Health, our Safety, and Humanity comes before our finances, before our negligent thoughts & actions for others, and lastly before our man-made divisions of society. The public health crisis put our emphasis on the self-care to prioritize eat, sleep, exercise, think & feel right while working to earn our living and contribute to the national or global economy. Our love for our families & their safety cannot be compromised over hundreds of external relations we carry at a given time. Our service & help to other human beings is no less than going to a religious event. We have learned that athletes, artists, or actors do their job like anyone else, and the real heroes are the ones who go to work to save people’s lives under difficult circumstances. One thing is sure, sooner or later based on the data accuracy, the lockdown will be over and we will be able to resume our social or work lives, but the life is going to change, and I hope it will change with the right intentions and will carry a message of compassion along with it. Whether we again move from our needs to wants, or work towards our higher purpose, or simply burst out in joy with friends, we may never forget the lessons of 2020. On the other hand, the lesson from Science comes handy where we can learn to optimize our use for all-natural resources such as whether it is used to make toilet paper or it is used to invent any scientific product. The end goal should meet our national & global needs, and there should always be a desire to help nations constructively on this one planet of ours. No destructive program should be funded ever and everyone should take a responsible action to become a better citizen of our own countries. Most importantly, we should remain calm, be mindful & respectful of others while taking extreme precautions, and operate without fear. There will be a challenging time for many and it may take some extra time to balance & bounce back completely, but WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!

How can we be more caring?

So, just like retention for any business is an important aspect, to sustain our good health and economy after this crisis will be over, we got to be very caring when it comes to protecting our Nature, or just working towards a new scientific discovery. We should never forget the clear skies or clean water that we are witnessing during the crisis, and do our due diligence in controlling the air or water pollutants to a bare minimum level. We should start respecting our mother Earth which has been feeding us through the crisis with the help of those hardworking individuals who never gave up so we could get our food on the table. And put a definite stop to exploit wild life, and discontinue torturing other creatures who are also sharing this planet with us. And with the help of Science, we should only indulge ourselves into the meaningful & uplifting experiments which can bring out the best in Humanity, without jeopardizing any more lives. And if there is a second wave of this virus before we have the cure in our hands, let’s hope to have enough immunity, experience, and medical & financial resources available that will keep the curve flat where there are no more lockdowns. I truly thank our government & department of health for all its efforts, all our front-line heroes who have been fighting this enemy along with essential businesses & non- profit groups for all their support at this time. Let’s all be Humans again and only see good in each other without comparison where we take this time to focus on resetting ourselves & strengthening our family bonds, build new supporting business ideas, brush our hidden talents, get healthier & stay safe while continue to become our best versions for bringing out the best for generations to come!