HSE school Youth mental health

Project 1: Hess Family

This HSE youth was involved in a domestic abuse while in relationship with a Hamilton county resident and a HSE high school graduate. We raised little money for America’s Role Models, Inc. so the share of those funds could go towards providing little financial as well as moral comfort to the Hess Family. ARM team is always looking to reach out to the Hamilton County schools so we can integrate some life coaching to the students and stress out on the mental health importance of our youth. Expressing emotions are ok but when it becomes violent they are unacceptable. We need a special real life coaching to be integrated with academics so the youth stepping in the real world understands the values of Humanity, Equality & Diversity. There is no such thing like it’s a man job or it’s a woman job. Relationship demands both to take on each task and split, whether it’s cooking, mopping or doing laundry. Love and respect are the fuels of such relationship which set each other free to exhibit their quality and flourish. There is no room for hatred, anger, competition, jealousy, possessiveness or violence in the society where all are created equal and unique. So, thank you for your donations, every bit helps the ARM to spread the real world knowledge and positivity in our country. Thank you for your support. The story of this young lady and her Mom’s original post is attached below:
Just few months ago, the Hess family moved to Wisconsin from Hamilton County with their daughter. Her friend who was HSE graduate decided to move there with Hess daughter in an apartment. Slowly they developed the unhealthy environment where the boyfriend had several incidents showing aggressive behavior with Hess daughter. Hess Mom tried to reach boy’s parents in Fishers IN but didn’t get enough support and finally the relationship ended up with physical abuse to the daughter and jail time to the boy here in Hamilton County. There are lots of lessons to be learned with this story and certainly some mental health coaching is desired. ARM team will conduct a meeting with the daughter soon and provide possible support.

Hess Family post

Noblesville school shooting incident

Project 2: School's Internal Monitoring

ARM team attended the community meeting with local area leadership held at HSE high school after a shooting incident at Noblesville High School before Memorial Day weekend in 2018. We proposed some internal monitoring methods to the school board and the attending Mayor committee to increase our kids safety at local public schools. We will continue to engage medical mental heath psychologists to enhance our youth and provide some useful steps to encounter this growing issue.