We are Human First

Despite many colors, creed, caste, religions & gender, we are born as humans who all bleed red. America's Role Models stands on the principles of Humanity which gives us a common ground for all other distinctions on this amazing planet Earth! Just like riding many different type of cars and still follow the common rules to establish our driving license and ride it that way. Humanity rules are simple- they are based on help, serve, respect, love, peace, integrity, wisdom, joy, happiness and powers of devotion, determination & dedication. Our charitable cause is based on pure Humanity and just like this giving Nature, when we give & serve distressed ones, we take one step forward towards a Creator of this Universe.

We are all created Equal

Every newborn whether it is male or female, takes approximately 9 months to complete its journey inside mother's womb. A mother goes through same pain process to give birth. Similarly, every gender's course of life bring similar physical, mental or habitual stages. A parent raise both a son or a daughter with similar hurdles or joy in one's lifespan. Despite the difference in physical growth structure of male & female to continue procreation on our planet, we believe they are both created equal with their mental capacities. Both can exhibit same emotions and thoughts to make use of their bodies wisely and develop healthy habits. Until we treat all genders equal in relationship, at workplaces & society, and learn to work with each other respectfully, we cannot obtain balance in the communities. The eagle on the right represents equality with its even left and right wings.

Unity in Diversity

We truly believe our country is the most diverse in the world. We have people of all races, color & ethnic backgrounds. So, in this modern world if we don't learn to live together and engage with different cultures we will stay behind. It's also called "Melting Pot" so, let us come together and celebrate the differences, rather than dividing the communities and create a rationale society. Our Youth is the biggest force in our nation, let us apply it to build bridges between communities. When we stand together, we will be strong and can easily keep the bad apples away.

Our Purposeful Platform & its Foundation

This public charity is set up on the common ground of humanity to help & support professionals, motivate women, and educate youth while increasing awareness for gender equality and diversity. This nonprofit will recognize and create role models by balancing the human physical and mental capacity in the modern commercial world where a successful individual exhibit its internal positive qualities to its best level and utilize humanity to combat today's growing serious mental disorders and diseases like Depression, Anxiety etc. that can lead to suicides or homicides in the present society. This nonprofit will conduct regular fundraising fun charitable events to create much needed love, happiness and respect for all in the society on top of personal coaching to improvise the life satisfaction levels while helping the overall economy. This platform support their co-founder's mission "Beauty with Purpose" and recommend everyone to visit Ambiance Medical & Day Spa to try their services.